Bad smells can make the house is not pleasant to live. Become buffers, and sometimes, as in the case of what comes from the kitchen, it is not easy to stop them. But we should not give in to the temptation of waste of the compulsive purchase of industrial products for scenting environments. Better to go always and in any case by natural fragrances. Scented sprays, candles, incense : There are many solutions that allow us to perfume the rooms of the house. But you know that it is the methods of perfuming domestic environments potentially hazardous because of substances emitted? It is because it has detected the association Altroconsumo after put to the test the most common air fresheners for environments. The association placed them in a sealed chamber in order to verify the emissions and has verified that exhale pollutants and irritating.

In particular, products not to combustion as the electric diffusers and sprays with sensor and automatic release allergens and volatile organic compounds. The products to combustion as essential oils and incense, are instead able to release into the environment toxic and carcinogenic substances as fine dusts, benzene and formaldehyde. All the reasons why Altroconsumo has requested to the national and European institutions to have a clear set of rules about the indications on the label in order to warn consumers about the possible harmful effects on health.

So let us see how perfume house in a natural way with cloves, rosemary, lavender, sage and many other flowers and spices in a simple manner, natural and especially at zero cost:

We begin with the cloves. If you boil in a pot full of water generated an excellent fragrance with which perfume before the kitchen and then all the other rooms of the house. You just have to filter the liquid and then enter it in a spray container. Same thing for the cinnamon in cartons.

Rosemary: during the winter, if you have at home the fireplace, try to burn it a few sprigs together to wood and you will see that perfume. If you then add the sprigs of rosemary even a little bit of pine needles and some cinnamon stick the result will be surprising.

Among the aromatic herbs used in cuisine and excellent for absorbing odours and then there is the oregano. Let dry leaves, pound them, put them in a barattolino free glass cover and then posizionatele cellar or close to the shoe-rack.

Mint: we have already shown several times its beneficial properties. But you know that its leaves are perfect not only to treat but also to embellish and perfume house? Try to pick it up and put it in a bowl to be used also as an original centerpiece green.

With the flowers of lavender and sage leaves dried you can instead prepare bags with which scent linen placed in drawers and cupboards. By placing the bags on Windows Mobile and diffonderete instead the scent throughout the house.

If you have at home oranges, lemons and mandarins, after peeled cut the peel into strips and then appoggiatele on radiators: feel that perfume.

Finally, with a bit of imagination you can play in the implementation of the many scented pout pourri diy from place in different rooms. You can prepare a combining liquorice sticks, cinnamon sticks and berries of vanilla or another basis of lavender flowers, rose petals and cloves. To you the choice on possible combinations. The dried flowers are also perfect as centerpiece. All you have to do is try.