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PLANTS ALOE VERA NATURALS OF OUR PRODUCTION FROM EURO 5.00 September month of purification with Aloe Vera! Make your own homemade ALOE VERA gel. Depurative, anti-scald for exposed skin ...
With respect to the garden, the realization of a garden or a small orchard require much more commitment, but also give much more satisfaction. It is however necessary to have suitable medium with the correct exposure. The area selected should be smooth and not submit basins or depressions that can favor the stagnation of water
Bad smells can make the house is not pleasant to live. Become buffers, and sometimes, as in the case of what comes from the kitchen, it is not easy to stop them. But we should not give in to the temptation of waste of the compulsive purchase of industrial products for scenting environments. Better to
The spring gives us optimism and energy and invites us to rediscover all the pleasures of life in contact with nature in the house, balcony, garden and garden. A world of flavors and colors awaits us: simply the desire to put in the field of creativity and imagination, alone, with friends, family and with children.