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AAO Vivai offers its customers a wide range of products,we have a great experience in the field of flowers and plants. AAO Vivai is born from the love toward the flowers and has developed over time to become a point of reference of the Modenese market and not only. Today, thanks to a young staff, creative and qualified and the supervision of the more expert you will find a professional and pleasant environment. Come visit us at Fiorano Modenese and discover a new world all colored that smells of flowers and love toward the green.

  • Plants indoor and outdoor
  • Seasonal plants and fruit
  • Officinal plants and horticultural
  • Plants and bulbs
  • Seeds and florist
  • Artificial Plants
  • Artificial flowers
  • Topsoil and manure
  • Vases and Cassettes
  • Insecticidal

Officinal Plants and Vegetable

In the garden, in the kitchen, in cosmetics but also for the health and wellbeing: the aromatic and medicinal plants accompany our lives in many different ways. The herbs are plants capable of releasing an intense perfume and pleasant, which gladdens the presence in the garden or on the terrace. Many also have a pleasant appearance thus fulfilling a decorative role.

“Seasonal Plants”

These plants have a first phase of growth in which you spend most of the energies to the strengthening of roots and foliage; subsequently the energies move on the production of seeds which is essential to guarantee the survival of the species. The period that elapses between the germination and the final drying stage of the plant is called vegetative season (from here the name “seasonal”). Another type of plants are those perennial in their country of origin but are treated by annual because they are not able to withstand along to our cold temperatures of the winter season. These rooms offer a beautiful flowering in the hot season, then close the life cycle in the autumn. There is also the possibility to maintain these plants in greenhouses during the winter season, even if generally prefer to repurchase them from year to year.

“Exterior Plants and Fruit”

The ornamental plants for external always have the ability to make unique every environment in simple and natural way, adapting perfectly to any type of context. Within this group we can find: trees, shrubs, bushes and vines. Each plant has its own characteristics: soil preparation, climatic zones of provenance, Portamento and growth, the right fertilizer and the techniques of pruning. I can be used in isolation or in groups, for hedges and ornamental stains. In the context of agricultural sciences the fruit is a branch of the arboriculture that takes care of the aspects and characteristics relating to fruit trees. What characterizes the arboreal cultivation is the woody consistency, this being due to the presence of lignin, and their longevity, i.e. the time that these plants will remain on the ground.

“Officinal Plants and Vegetable”

In the garden, in the kitchen, in cosmetics but also for the health and wellbeing: the aromatic and medicinal plants accompany our lives in many different ways. Many also have a pleasant appearance thus fulfilling a decorative role. The plants and medicinal herbs are the remedies that nature has created even before the coming of man. This interaction between man and nature is coming back into fashion. Cultivate from if their vegetables is the best way to eat healthy, appreciating all the taste and the healthy properties of which each vegetables is rich. With a minimum of practice you reach soon the results with both the cultivation in the jar is with the one in the field, giving as well as a good harvest even so much satisfaction. For the production can be from seed or from plants, already rooted and ready for growth. For some years the tendency is to consociare vegetables with flowers.

“Tapezzanti Plants and Bulbs”

Are tappezzanti calls the plants development dense and compact, such to completely cover the terrain of the garden; mainly it is perennial plants, but there are also numerous tappezzanti shrubs and some bulbs or rizomatose plants. Tappezzanti are small plants used to create the turf tappezzanti are small Persian buttercups used for the flowerbeds maps. The tappezzanti are used when you want to create a carpet in the garden. Bulbs: The bulbs are generally plants very versatile and easy coltivazion. The plants bulbs can be divided broadly into two large groups: the bulbs in spring and autumn bulbs. Many plant species bulbs produce flowers during the months of March and April, rallegrando gardens when still many perennial and many shrubs have the sad wintry appearance.

“Artificial plants and Artificial flowers”

Today the artificial flowers are no longer synonymous with false and without value, but rather indispensable tools of trend in floral design permanent.
The adaptability and flexibility of use not because the beauty of modern artificial flowers allow for use in any environment and for any occasion, facilitating the creation of compositions of flowers lasting in time, with good performances and with a very low maintenance. Made with new production techniques and new materials, artificial flowers modern have nothing to do with the old “feck flowers” of ancient memory. Their beauty and unquestionable duration have allowed the transformation in furnishing elements to all the effects, very appreciated for floral decoration of any environment.


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